10 Best Game of Thrones / ASOIAF Podcasts

Game of Thrones is by far the most popular TV show on the planet, so it should come as no surprise Game of Thrones podcasts have grown in popularity with the show. Between the quality of the TV show, and the expansive and complex world-building by George RR Martin, there’s tremendous depth and analysis to be done.

With GOT season 7 launching in just a couple of days, we feature our list of Top 10 podcasts recommended by fans.

1. Podcast of Ice and Fire

The longest running podcast on the list contains spoilers for all published ASOIAF books. Creators of the podcast describe themselves as, “The Brotherhood Without Manners, the heirs to House Manwoody of Kingsgrave, Dorne, and your audible source for everything in the world of A Song Of Ice and Fire, as well as HBO’s Game of Thrones series.” If you want a podcast which combines series news, theories, discussion, opinions, and humor, then this one is for you.

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2. History of Westeros

Aziz and Ashaya have made a practice of being thorough and critical when covering any topic, and their love for the material really shows. Part lecture, part fiery sermon, part silly, their analysis of Westeros and its storylines is focused and comprehensive. They cover the history and current status of houses great and small and give particular attention and coverage is given to unreleased material as well as questions GRRM has answered over the years that illuminate things not covered in the books.

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3. Game of Owns

Game of Owns hosts produce an excellent podcast and provide some amazing analysis on both the books and the TV show. When the show is not in season they keep their listeners up to date on the current news and make sure to give adequate spoiler warnings. They also slow burn through the books and analyze chapters and hidden meaning for you book readers.

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4. Boars, Gore, and Swords

Self-described as “the third greatest Game of Thrones podcast”, Boars, Gore, and Swords hosts Ivan and Red might have the best chemistry of any hosting pair on this list and if the podcast name gives any indication, they inject a specific brand of comedy into their episodes.

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5. Rereading Ice, Rethinking Fire

Preston Jacobs created this podcast when he finished ADwD and was haunted by the Pink Letter. He is quite original in his theories and has done videos on Tower of Joy (R+L=D), Dornish Masterplan, Riverlands for the Dragon, Northern conspiracy etc. Though some fans complain about too much focus on small details and cherry-picking of facts, this podcast is definitely worth giving a shot.

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6. Radio Westeros

Radio Westeros is one of those excellent Game of Thrones podcasts that does deep-dive analysis on a specific topic or person. So if you’re interested in the origins of Petyr Baelish and why he acts in the slimy manner he does, this is a podcast you should add to your queue. A definite fan favorite among the Reddit and Twitter communities, Radio Westeros is a great addition if you just can’t get enough.

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7. Davos Fingers

Davos Fingers is decidedly book oriented. Each episode hosts Matt, Scaddy, and Brooke discussing 5 chapters of ASOIAF at a time for 90 mins. They describe their podcast as “nerding out about [the chapters] on pop-culture-infused, irreverent, relaxed-yet-hopefully-insightful podcast.”

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8. Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire

BryndenBFish knows so much about GoT and ASOIAF there was speculation that he actually was George RR Martin. If you’re interested in the motivations, allegiances, and history among the characters in Game of Thrones that cause them to act the way they do, this is a podcast for you.

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9. A Cast of Kings

A Cast of Kings is the first podcast on this list specifically dedicated to the show universe rather than adding in some book context. So if you’re a show-only person, take notice. A relative newcomer to the Game of Thrones podcasts scene, A Cast of Kings analyzes individual episodes on their merit and theorize what’s to come.

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10. Game of Thrones (Tower of Babble)

Game of Thrones podcast features a book reader and show-only watcher discussing their thoughts on Game of Thrones. The two different views do provide an interesting perspective as they undoubtedly develop different opinions on certain characters and events after first experiencing them through different mediums and with more (or less) context.

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