Best of Reddit : Top 6 threads you should definitely check out!

The world has a love/hate relationship with Reddit, the “front page of the Internet,” as it’s known. Much of what’s posted on the site could fall under the “mindless entertainment” category, but just as much of the content could turn out to be educational, if not motivational. We’ve gathered some of the most interesting posts on Reddit so you can acquaint yourself with the site and its community.

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#6 Glitch in the Matrix

Check out the story that spawned the subreddit :

There are some gems in the comments section that you should definitely check out. Click here.

#5 What do insanely poor people buy, that ordinary people know nothing about?

A powerful thread revealed some of the saddening, and eye-opening, experiences people have gone through while living in poverty in America.

#4 What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?

Read diary_Secret Thread_Reddit

This reddit thread let’s you spill your deepest, darkest secrets while being anonymous!  There’s a mix of depressing, funny, and embarrassing secrets that all have something in common: they needed to come out, and Reddit just happened to be the place to do it.

#3 Escorts of Reddit, what was your first day of work like?

Anonymity on the Internet allows for conversations that likely wouldn’t have happened otherwise. One of these examples is of a r/AskReddit post that asked escorts what their first experience was like while on the job. Some of the responses were surprisingly chill, while others talk about awkward situations and overcoming nerves.

#2 Comcast is Hitler (Archived)

Over the past few years, Reddit as a whole has loved stomping all over Comcast due to its propensity for shady business practices and unethical treatment of customers. A Circlejerk member rode this wave of opinion by likening Comcast to Hitler – and subsequently raked in a lot of upvotes for it.

Of all the things Reddit hates, Comcast is in the Top 3.

#1 HELP reddit turned spanish and I cannot undo it!

Almost everyone responded in Spanish. “I run [the responses] through Google translator and most of them say stuff like ‘the dog is in my pants’ and ‘where is the library’,” he replied in the thread.



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