Spider-Man : 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Marisa Tomei

When Marisa Tomei was introduced in Captain America : Civil War as Aunt May, we were eager to see her donning the role of a young, hip Aunt May in the Spider-Man reboot. Closer in age to high-schooler Peter Parker, Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May is more of a teasing big sister figure than an apron-clad, cookie-baking granny type.

Here are 8 facts you didn’t know about her:

#8 Marisa is 52 years old.

Marisa Tomei is a beautiful, vivacious woman who looks ten years younger than her actual age of 52. She was born on Dec. 4, 1964 in Brooklyn, New York.

#7 She is a critically acclaimed actress.

Following several small films, Tomei came to international prominence with her comedic performance in the 1992 film My Cousin Vinny, for which she received critical praise.  After her Oscar win, Tomei appeared in a string of middling 90s comedy-dramas – the likes of ChaplinUntamed HeartOnly YouThe Paper, What Women Want. She has also popped up in two of the biggest TV comedies of all time – Seinfield & The Simpsons.

#6 Her oscar win was rumored to be a mistake.

When the 27-year-old Marisa Tomei’s name was read aloud on Oscar night as the winner, the shock was almost universal, and nasty rumors persisted that the award’s presenter had read the wrong name. The rumor turned out to be false.

#5 She hulahoops !

In 2010, Tomei released a fitness DVD program with Key Son—Marisa Tomei: Core & Curves. Key Son is the trainer who helped her get into shape for movie “The Wrestler”. Just a few months later, she released her next fitness DVD Hoopbody.

#4 She is hot !

Marisa Tomei was No. 18 on the 2009 FHM list of “100 Sexiest Females in the world”. In 2008, she played Cassidy/Pam, a struggling stripper, in the Darren Aronofsky film “The Wrestler”. She appeared in several nude dance numbers in the film.

#3 She is a great on-screen kisser!

Marisa is renowned as a fine on-screen kisser: she snogged her way around Italy with Downey Jr in Only You and won an MTV award for best kiss with Christian Slater in Untamed Heart. “It’s nice that I’m considered a great kisser,” she cackles. “It’s all about the partner, isn’t it?”

#2 She has dated Robert Downey Jr.!

We already knew Tony Stark has the hots for our Aunt May, now it appears that Robert Downey Jr. also dated her in real life in the early 90s. The relationship didn’t last long but the friendship did. Indeed, Downey (aka Iron Man) was instrumental in Marisa Tomei being cast as Aunt May. 

#1 She is “probably” single.

Between 2008-12 Tomei has been linked to actor Logan Marshall-Green. On the question of marriage, Tomei said in 2009, “I’m not that big a fan of marriage as an institution, and I don’t know why women need to have children to be seen as complete human beings.”