Top 10 Most Expensive Lego Sets Ever

A Lego Set if it is rare and desirable, will often see it’s value skyrocket after it retires. Lego enthusiasts can shell out serious bucks for the privilege of building the coolest, rarest, most extravagant sets. Here are the top 10 most valuable Lego sets according to the Lego collector’s website Brickpicker:

10) Market Street

Value: $1,461.13

Number of Pieces: 1248

Notable features: “Market Street” is Lego’s second entry in its modular building series for adult builders. The set features curved staircases and interchangeable floors.

9) Cafe Corner

Value: $1,576.00

Number of Pieces: 2,056

Notable features: Lego’s “Cafe Corner” features three stories, a mosaic, and a bicycle.

8) Eiffel Tower

Value: $1,601.93

Number of Pieces: 3, 428

Notable features: The completed Lego Eiffel Tower is the tallest Lego model to date; standing at 42 inches. It features a French flag made out of Lego bricks.

7) Imperial Star Destroyer

Value: $1,671.07

Number of Pieces: 1,359

Notable features: Lego’s model of the Imperial Star Destroyer ship from Star Wars includes eight synchronized cannons, an Emperor Palpatine hologram, and a Lego figure of Darth Vader.

6) Death Star II

Value: $1,720.33

Number of Pieces: 3,447

Notable features: The Lego Death Star II is built to scale with the original and includes a super laser.

5) Mr. Gold

Value: $1,831.09

Number of Pieces: 1

Notable features: Made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lego’s Minifigures series, only 5,000 Mr. Gold figures were produced in total.

4) Statue of Liberty

Value: $1,980.67

Number of Pieces: 2,882

Notable features: Lego’s Statue of Liberty model is made entirely of sand-green bricks.

3) Grand Carousel

Value: $2,603.40

Number of Pieces: 3,263

Notable features: Lego’s electricity-powered Grand Carousel spins and plays music.

2) Taj Mahal

Value: $2,603.40

Number of Pieces: 5,922

Notable features: Lego’s Taj Mahal became the company’s largest set when it was released in 2008.

1) Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

Value: $4,729.00

Number of Pieces: 5, 174

Notable features: Lego’s “Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon” is the largest Star Wars set and the second-largest Lego set ever made. It features Lego figures of Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.



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