15 Most Expensive Private Islands Around The World

Owning an island is the modern day equivalent of being the master of your own castle – and usually in much more warm and beautiful places. We bring you our list of 15 most expensive private islands around the world. If you have some millions just lying around, there are a few islands on our list you should definitely consider buying!

15. Belliceaux Island – $35 million

Baliceaux Island in the Carribean

Baliceaux is a classic private island in a part of the world that is truly unspoiled, with breathtaking natural beauty. It’s a part of the chain of islands called The Grenadines, which stretch 40 miles south of the main island of St. Vincent and just a short boat ride from the famous Mustique. The island is approximately 320 acres in size.

14. Big Darby – $40 million

Big Darby Island in the Bahamas

Located in the Bahamas, the 554 acre Big Darby island is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean and lined with beautiful white sandy beaches. It has a rundown English-style castle, built in the 1930s, which could be renovated. For just $40 million, you could be neighbours with the likes of David Copperfield, Tim McGraw and Johnny Depp.

13. Dulichium Island – $50 million

Dulichium Island

Situated to the north-west of the Greek mainland, near the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth, Dulichium is Greece’s largest private island available for sale. With nearly 4000 olive trees and shrubs and not much else, this 1335 acre stretch of land could be yours for just $50 million.

12. Isle A’ Quatre – $54 million

Isle_A’_Quatre Island

Isle à Quatre is one of the most beautiful islands in the Grenadine chain. Currently an uninhabited Marine reserve, this 376 acre stunning private island is primed for development as it has it all – elevated hillsides for stunning views, pristine white and gold sand beaches, and expansive spaces in which to make an exceptional development.

11. Shelter Island – $59.5 million

Shelter Island in USA

Shelter island is located in the northwest corner of the state of Montana. This 24 acre peace of land features a 24,000 square foot mansion as well as heated porticos and outdoor entertainment facilities.

10. Omfori Island – $60 million

Omfori Island Greece

Omfori Island, located in the Ionian Sea of Greece is currently available for sale at $60 million. It is currently uninhabited and only has one building, but the place could be easily turned into an island paradise, as it features the usually beautiful Greek beaches and amazing turquoise waters. The island is approximately 1112 acres in size.

9. Caye Chapel Island – $65 million

Caye Chapel Island Belize

Caye Chapel is a small, privately owned island in Belize, 16 miles  north-northeast of Belize City and 3 miles south of Caye Caulker. It was once owned by Isaiah Emmanuel Morter, Belize’s first coloured millionaire. It features an airstrip, 18 hole golf course, 25,000 square foot clubhouse and conference facilities.

8. Pumpkin Key – $95 million

Pumpkin Key Island, Florida

The paradise island of Pumpkin Key, which is on sale for $95m, lies less than a 50 minute boat ride from Miami, Florida. The 26-acre island features a huge private beach, tennis courts which double up as helipads and a private airstrip. Phenomenal fishing and lobster fishing holes surround the island with world-renown snorkelling, scuba diving and sport fishing just three miles off shore on North America’s only living coral barrier reef.

7. Macapule Island – $95 million

Macapule Island, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

This beautiful 5229 acre island is located in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. It is still an undeveloped piece of land. The exuberant vegetation, over 100 species of exotic birds and the dolphins swimming near the shore make Macapule Island a close relative of Heaven.

6. Necker Island – $100 million

Necker Island _ British Virgin Islands

Richard Branson bought Necker Island when he was in his late twenties for just $180,000. It is now valued at $100 million – and is currently an exclusive luxurious resort that can accommodate up to 28 guests. The 74 acre island is committed to sustainable development, the local community and energy independence.

5. Ronde Island – $100 million

Ronde Island Carribbean private island

Ronde Island is another private island located in the Caribbean and, like most of the places on the list, it has yet to be developed in any way. Isolated and wild, Ronde stands out by its valleys and hills, its landscapes, but also by its wide bays, where large yachts can be “parked.” The water is so clear, that you can see the turtles and the fishes swimming. But the ace in the sleeve of this island are the underwater caves, some of them decorated with quartz crystals. This 2,000-acre jewel is on sale for $100 million.

4. Skorpios Island – $150 million

Skorpios Island

This small island was the site of the highly publicized wedding of late shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis to former United States First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in 1968. Bill Gates, Giorgio Armani and Madonna all vied in recent years to acquire Skorpios, the 74 acre private Greek island in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of the mainland, according to media accounts. But the trophy property along with neighbouring islet of Sparti went to heiress Ekaterina Rybolovlev, daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev in 2013 for a price reported to be about $150 million. The island is on a 100-year lease as the will of Aristotle Onassis does not allow for the sale of the island.

3. Rangyai Island – $160 million

Rang Yai Island Thailand

Rangyai is just 20 minutes away from the Phuket International Airport, and is every bit as beautiful as its more famous neighbors. It features lush tropical forests, wonderful white sandy beaches and an amazing view of the Indian Ocean. The 110-acre island also comes with a hefty price tag, somewhere around $160 million.

2. Laucala Island

Laucala_Island _Fiji

Set in the translucent blue waters of northern Fiji, Laucala (pronounced Lathala) is a whole-of-island resort owned by Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, co-owner of the Red Bull energy drink company. After buying Laucala for $US10 million from the heirs of American publishing baron Michael Forbes, Mateschitz spent a sum rumoured to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars transforming Forbes’ low-key Melanesian hideaway into an self-sustaining Disneyland for adults.  Wild orchids; deserted, white, sandy beaches; and “endless jungle” are just a few of the South Pacific delights on this 3200 acre island.

1. Lanai Island – $300 million

Lanai Island_Hawaii

It’s only fitting that the most expensive island in the world should have a famous owner – who in this case is Oracle founder and CEO, Larry Ellison. Ellison bought 98% of Lanai, which is Hawaii’s sixth largest island, for a widely reported sum of $300 million from fellow billionaire David Murdock. His goals for “a prosperous and sustainable Eden in the Pacific” include everything from widespread renewable energy and charging stations for electric cars, to growing and exporting gourmet produce and creating organic wineries.




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